Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bye bye Internet Explorer, we won't miss you :)

Finally the day came, The God of Web: Age of Spartan!

No I'm not talking about the God of War series, it's much bigger! The world's most irritating browser will now be succeeded by another browser by Microsoft, currently codenamed as Project Spartan.

After years of complaints and speculations regarding the Good-knows-why-it-still-exists browser, Microsoft had been trying hard to keep the image of the IE high (God knows why), and releasing it with each subsequent Microsoft Operating System.

But it seems the Windows 10 is all about being 10/10. As much as I have used it till date, it's a big apology for creating the Windows 8 (maybe that's why it was worth keeping distance from it by skipping the name Windows 9) and yesterday it announced that they will have a newer (and hopefully faster) internet browser.

Hopes high Microsoft, don't ruin it.
And Alpha Mike Foxtrot Internet Explorer: in other words, Adios MotherF****r, never come back.